London Marathon Events

The Situation

London Marathon Events were going through an internal transformation which led to the recruitment of 5 key roles in their team across Finance, Procurement, PMO and HR. They were looking for a recruitment partner who could manage a multi-role project as their in-house team did not have the capacity or resources.

The Search

To attract the right talent pool to a company like London Marathon, was a challenge as the business had a unique culture. Agora spent time on-site with the LME team, working from their office space and soaking up the culture/dynamics within the teams and challenging the different stakeholders on the candidate profiles they were focussing on.

The Result

LME managed to hire all roles within the project within a 7 week window. Agora’s grasp of the values and requirements of the business led to future work. Now, 12 months on, over 10 hires have been made into the team across finance, marketing, projects, PMO, procurement and content.
Week window

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