Start-ups & Scale-ups

Are you making that all-important first management hire or getting ready to scale? The Agora team can help you every step of the way.

We know that hiring for startups is a different ballgame.

Skills and experience are vital when the business is moving fast, but nailing the energy and ambition needed to thrive in the startup environment is just as important.

Maintain Momentum

You need to make hires that will bring a creative, enterprising mindset to your team; people who will maintain your momentum and are excited to build the next big thing.

The problem? Finding brilliant candidates takes time and resources that few founders have to spare. Recruitment needs to be efficient and effective, so you can be confident that the candidates you’ve got lined up are the right people – not the most convenient.

We’ve partnered with fast-growing startups to successfully complete searches for a range of roles, including:

Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Product Officer

WIT Fitness.

Chief Technology Officer


Finance Director


Managing Director


Chief Commercial Officer

WIT Fitness.

Head of Growth


Head of International

Skin + Me.

Chief Operating Officer


Searches and team builds with Agora

Our startup service is built around finding candidates who can flourish in the intense, unpredictable environment that comes with scaling a business. We find talent that fits your company’s approach, values and recruitment goals, so we’ll always deliver the best candidates for your specific needs. We’re incredibly proud of our reputation in the startup world – most of our business comes from referrals, which might be how you found this page.

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Here’s what to expect when you work with Agora:

Learn how to establish your brand as an employer and attract the best talent.

From creating the initial brief to identifying candidates, a senior expert will be actively involved in the process.

Agora will spend time in your office and with your team members to identify what it takes for people to thrive in your organisation.

We know the pressures of cashflow on a scaling business, which is why we offer payment plans to ensure our services are accessible.

Reach over 25,000 followers on LinkedIn with free sponsored advertising.

Sometimes even the best hires don’t work out. If that happens, don’t worry – we’ll move quickly to find the perfect replacement at no extra cost.

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