The Situation

Onto were going through an exciting part of their evolution. Having raised a Series A funding round, the business was starting to scale at real pace. They were embarking on a period of growth that would transform the shape of the business and sought to make C-Level appointments to help them develop their Marketing and Tech teams. The business had always had a long waiting list for customers but as they scaled across the UK they wanted to bring in a leader to help spearhead the customer acquisition strategy and brand building.

The Search

Onto were looking for a Marketing Leader who could develop their acquisition strategy and also build and develop their brand following a relaunch. Agora conducted a full market map of CMO’s & Marketing Director’s in the D2C space in the UK. With a totally transparent longlist of target candidates, Agora approached the market with an approach that sold the opportunity and the platform.

The Result

Onto hired an outstanding CMO, steeped in knowledge of delivering growth across D2C industries. Overall 120 suitable candidates were targeted and 40 screened for the vacancy. Agora identified what it takes for a candidate to be successful in the Onto culture and went on to hire a CTO for the business and then helped the CMO build out their marketing team.
Chief Officer Roles filled

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