We’re experts at finding unique candidates who bring passion, experience and diversity of perspective to investment firms.

Hiring for a growth-focused investment fund?

We’ve spent over a decade immersed in the sector, so we know what it takes to succeed. From emerging talent to experienced pioneers, our expansive network helps us match high-impact candidates to investment firms of all shapes and sizes.

Saving you time and getting it right

Our team is committed to identifying the right people for you, whether you’re looking for a wealth of experience or you’re keen to bring greater diversity and creativity into your organisation.

And, since we know you’ve got plenty on your plate, our service is designed to save you as much time as possible. We’ll assess thousands of potential candidates and narrow them down into a final shortlist, so you have a handful of outstanding options to move forward with.

We’ve partnered with a number of investment firms to successfully complete searches for a variety of roles, including:

Searches and campaigns with Agora

Our bespoke service is built around your fund’s environment, values and goals, so we’ll always deliver the best candidate for your team, not someone else’s. This could include:

We’ll help you identify the right approach and build a candidate brief, using our expertise to advise on the best way to position the search.

We’ve helped several funds identify the best candidate management system and database to make sure you can see the workflow and retain information in a GDPR-compliant way.

Access a comprehensive advertising service through our online partners and get support with crafting an effective job description.

Our team is fully trained in competency-based interviewing and can conduct face-to-face screenings of all potential applicants. We have also managed numerous candidate video pitch submission projects.

We can conduct full reference interviews to give you a third-party perspective of the strengths and development areas of prospective hires.

In addition to advising on salary and compensation benchmarks across your peer group, we’ll manage the offer process to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible, from remuneration negotiations to onboarding.

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